Winter trips

Yes, Iceland is dark in the winter, but on a bright winter day, with the world covered in pristine snow, there is much more light up here in the north than in a city. We have excellent skiing conditions for mountain skiing or just walking in the valley on nordic skis. We can organize skiing trips for beginners and the more experienced. We can get you an instructor, and/or a guide, we have relaxing routes, difficult routes and very hard routes. And in the winter you learn to abide by the weather. A relatively short walk in a blizzard can be as satisfying as a long walk in fair weather. Just bring the book you always wanted to read and be prepared to work out in a gym or the sportshall. And then you can end the day in a hot pool watching the stars (if the northern lights don‘t phase them out).

Children also love the winter. They learn quickly how to walk on skis and the snowdrifts are so deep that you can dig a cozy cave to lie in with candlelight. So why not spend your school holidays in rural Iceland?  Build a snowman and visit a local farmer. Sound us out for possibilities and prices.

How to get there. There are excellent roads to good rural spots 3-5 hours from the international airport. If you are travelling in winter, of course the roads can be icy, but far from impassable. So if you are driving yourself be sure to have a good car with winter tyres, take your time and enjoy the experience. See  detailed information on road conditions and weather: Roads and weather