Theme-Travel is a small, independent, licenced tour operator that specializes in planning and organizing custom made tours in our chosen parts of Iceland: the Westfjords of Iceland, especially Strandir, and West-Iceland, especially the Snæfellsnes peninsula. These are the parts of the country that we know best and where we have established contacts throughout the community. Our service is ideal for individuals, companies and travel agencies.

The service is built on local knowledge and access to people who have various expertise and skills. We can therefore serve those with specific interests such as nature, outdoor activities, history, the Icelandic sagas, and many more.

Theme-Travel also organizes conferences, meetings and study courses, finding the right venues and facilities. Our knowledge is also valuable for travel agencies looking for information suitable for planning Iceland tours for schools, universities etc.

Theme-Travel offers flexible service. We can help plan the whole tour and help you enrich your Iceland experience by adding local essence, making your trip more enjoyable. The level  of service is entirely tailor made for your needs. If you have ideas, we can help you realize them. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How does it work?
The company has its headquarters in Bjarnarfjörður in the Strandir region of the Westfjords. Theme-Travel is a licenced tour operator. It is established to give it‘s customers advice on travelling in Iceland and help them organize their tours. Theme-Travel does not charge for the service of others. We make plans and bookings for you, the customer, provide an itinerary and the information you ask for. We price our service according to the time it takes to gather the information, but also make estimates for larger assignments.