Activities –day tours

veidiIn rural areas there is an amazing variety of quality cultural events and recreation. These events are often annual or irregular. By contacting us you have the possibility of  including these events in your schedule. We can also arrange an event for your group.

Don‘t miss:

  • Iceland‘s endless variety of natural hot pools and swimming pools with fresh spring water.
  • Concerts – classical, choirs or popular music. The Icelandic music scene is renowned for quality and eccentricity. Our best artists often travel the countryside in the summer, so be on the lookout.
  • Local festivals that often include free samples of local food.
  • All the quaint little museums. There is one in every village with themes such as: dolls, toys, magic and whitchcraft, sea monsters, pirates and boat building. Not to mention all the heritage museums and various other exhibitions. A delightful window into the history of these rural parts.
  • Maps. Look around you in the reception and ask the staff at your hotel and most often you can get a map of walks around the area, anything from an easy afternoon stroll to majestic mountain walks.
  • In most small villages there is a fisherman that is licenced to take you on a boat trip and often has scheduled trips. These guys know the sea intimately, the fish, the whales and the birds. A boat trip aboard such a small boat is an adventure and your own fresh fish for dinner is a luxury you have to try at least once.
  • Horse rentals are fairly common. The Icelandic horse is praised for it‘s good temperament and it is a lovely experience to ride a horse in a small group along traditional routes. An instructor always accompanies you on such trips that can last from1 hr to 4-5 hrs. Horse tours are also available that last for days.
  • Renting a bike also gives you the opportunity to get out for the day and explore the countryside. Bike rentals are not common, but the bikes are usually very good mountain bikes.
  • Sea-Kayaking is becoming more common and you can rent kayaks in various places, usually with instructors.