About Us

Theme-Travel  is based on our knowledge of the area, its environment, history and people. We have extensive experience in the tourist industry and tour organising for diverse groups and requirements

Our website is ment to facilitate the meeting of minds but more importantly the meeting of needs. We have always loved to show people around the places we know, we also like to teach people interesting things and we take great pleasure in travelling with people, guiding, walking, driving or skiing.

hjonakornEcologist  Arnlín Óladóttir and historian Magnús Rafnsson, originally city slickers have lived for over 30 years in the Westfjords..

Arnlín is an Edinburgh University graduate in ecology who has worked for many years as a forester and botanist in the Westfjords,  participating in pan-European projects on ecology and forestry. She used to teach  in schools in Hólmavík and Drangsnes and has been active in the “women in the valley” group that used to run a hotel in the local schoolhouse during the summer.  For the last four years she has been taking groups of Icelanders to Scotland on forestry and culture tours.

Magnús has an MA in history. He has translated several books from English and is one of a group which set up a local company, Strandagaldur ses, which established a Museum of Witchcraft, is now planning its third exhibition in Strandir, and has established a Centre for Folklore and Ethnology. Recently he has been working on the history and archaeology of 17th century whaling from the coasts of Strandir. Magnús is a great storyteller and a renowned guide for groups travelling in Strandir.

oli-og-SteinunnÓli Jón Ólason has over fifty years experience working in various fields of tourism. He has worked for many years as a travel advisor, tour operator and as a travel consultant, manager of a travel agency, hotel manager, as well as being an active member in many tourist associations.

Steinunn Hansdóttir Twenty years experience in the tourist business. During the summer months Steinunn and Óli work in the Heritage Center which is also the Tourist Information Office in Grundarfjörður Snæfellsnes. They also organize and run an Icelandic handycraft market for the travellers that arrive to Snæfellsnes by cruiser ships.


Our policy

Theme-Travel will put emphasis on sustainable tourism based on the three pillars of sustainablility: ecological, economical and social.

The fragile nature of Iceland needs special respect and care. It is therefore important to tread softly while enjoying the environment.

Our community involvement means that we use local services and work in close contact with our hand picked service providers. This approach helps strengthen the local communities as well as guarantee our customers an authentic experience.

The traveller sees the landscape. If he travels slowly with open eyes he can experience the environment, both nature and culture. But his experience is always as a visitor. The local people see the stories in the landscape, the history is their own experience, and the folklore is woven into the fabric of their daily lives. We aim to facilitate the meeting of these two ways of perception where the visitor becomes one more story in the local assemble while getting an insight into the community.